Delivery Mechanisms

Business Structures and Financial Management

Pbusiness structures and Financial Managementroper business structures and Financial Management practices in both growing and large business enterprises are becoming increasingly important, a fact that is necessitated by:

  • changing market dynamics at local, regional and global levels;
  • competitive pressures and new opportunities;
  • greater consumer awareness;
  • adoption of disruptive technologies and methodologies;
  • promulgation of new regulatory and constitutional regimes;

Packaged Solutions

In response to the growing need for advanced and more sophisticated business procedures, structures and practices, Miradi Capital has packaged solutions addressing the market needs basing ourselves on:

  • A balanced team of experts: Osophisticated business proceduresur team of experts is comprised of experienced professionals in different business climates to ensure that we provide you with up-to-date, spot-on and accurate financial and business management advice. Miradi utilizes local and international resources that have the knowledge of various operating environments and have carried out diverse advisory assignments.
  • Best-of-breed Team of Advisers: We have a team of advisers comprising of business leaders in various industries. Our board is complemented by our network of highly specialized and experienced consultants in various areas of business.
  • Long-term client relationships: Basing ourselves on nature the clients’ needs, Miradi has a hand-holding program whereby we walk with our clients through the implementation of their business strategies, as we provide the required technical and strategic support.